Glove manufacture

R. Glover Ascroft offers British made hand protection marketed under the RGA brand. Our glove range is suited for hazardous environments where there is a risk of injury to the hand and forearm.

All products comply with the current regulations for personal protective equipment (‘PPE’), are tested to the appropriate hand protection standards, and carry the CE mark. R. Glover Ascroft is certified to the ISO9001:2015 quality standard, and we hold additional quality certification in respect of our manufacturing processes for PPE. For your complete assurance, our audit agency is UKAS accredited.

Products are manufactured utilising automated knitting equipment, producing hand protection in three formats: glove, gauntlet and mitten. We can accommodate any hand protection format, and in any length - from wrist length to shoulder. Knitting equipment is a modern and flexible manufacturing platform widely used to design and produce hand protection.

Hand protection is created using a yarn or blend of yarns. Knitted hand protection can be customised to a high degree, as the yarn type and content is tailored to provide the best balance of price and performance.

Our products are as flexible as our manufacturing process. Knitted hand protection is very comfortable to wear on account of its seamless composition which can flex to accommodate your hand profile. There are no seams to cut or chafe the hand, and there are no weak points on the product which could lead to premature failure. All products are made in an ambidextrous format so both sides of the product can be utilised to maximise service life.

If your work related activities involve heat, and/or the possibility of a cut injury, our products could help you work more safely, productively and cost effectively. Please contact us to find out more.